19 July 2017

Creative Record of meeting 19 July 2017 by Helene

The writers
Helene, Cath, Pat, Roberta, Terry, Juan, Lynn, Diane and welcome to Denis
The words of the day
Titular – in name only
Ogive – diamond like
Abate – reduce, end
Interweave – woven together
Exigency – urgent need or demand
Auspices – protection or patronage
Peripatetic – galloping all over the place
Omnipresent – present everywhere, infinity, eternity
Writing from words of the day
Juan – Full of painkillers, Roberta – The new housekeeper, Pat – The old church, Denis – Korean leaders, Lynn – Rome, Cath – Head of the group, Helene – The royal family and Terry – strange looking house.

Christmas in July lunch Monday 31 July 2017

12 noon Monday 31 July Club Jervis Bay Huskisson (previously named RSL club)
Reading of homework
Helene – My favourite things, Terry – Thin walls, Roberta – Open Road, Pat – Fishing and whales, Juan – An old tree (read by Terry) and  Denis - Legs and personality and Dust.
Discussion on future direction for the group
We held a discussion of future direction for the group and why we come to writers group and what we want to achieve from it.
As a result of the discussion Terry will prepare a spreadsheet so group members can nominate to provide exercises and other tasks each week. Terry also to set up a new private blog only for members.
Until the new system is in place Terry and Lynn to provide Exercises next week.
Dye or die

12 July 2017

Record of meeting 12 July 2017

The Divas
Jenni, Pat, Helene, Lynn, Roberta, Pauline and Diane

The words of the day

Ness – a headland

Irony – a contradiction of terms

Frustrate – to thwart to balk a person

Diva – a celebrated female opera singer

Oblivion – forgotten, unknown, pardon, amnesty

Poorness – defectiveness or lack of good quality

Writing from words of the day

The Divas went into oblivion while writing the stories: Lynn – Pushed her over the edge, Pat – Dark and still, Roberta – Thrown herself off, Helene – The nurse, Pauline – I will not be a diva and Jenni – At Loc Ness.

Reading of homework

Four writers shared their homework on the topics: Jenni – Louise the Fairy, Helene – Choosi, Lynn – Light and easy, Roberta – M and Ms and Coles.

In addition Pauline read out her submission School day memories for her high school reunion.

Exercise - Stories of curly hair or blonds have more fun

After lots of discussion the divas wrote and shared their stories: Lynn – Your hairdresser, Pat – Dark curly hair, Roberta – Who had more fun, Helene - In my family, Di – Curly top and Jenni – Try convincing me.

Exercise - The first time I saw him

The divas shared the entertaining stories: Pat – the artist, Roberta – Red and green, Helene – On the wall, Di – A ketchup sandwich, Jenni – At school and Lynn – I was in disbelieve.


Do what you like

05 July 2017

Record of meeting 5 July 2017

The writers

Terry, Helene, Jenni, Roberta, Pat, Lynn and welcome back to Muriel visiting from South Australia

Words of the day

Berate – rebuke

Grasses – common herbage

Cacoepy – incorrect pronounced

Vox – voice like, part of an organ

Precedent – previous case taken as evidence

Gloom – partial darkness, state of depression

Writing from words of the day

The writers were not deterred by precedent or incorrect pronunciation and produced Helene – Back Chat, Lynn – The English language, Pat – Repeat yourself, Roberta – The new Minister, Jenni – In a dream and Terry – In the hanging gloom.

Reading of homework

Four writers read out their homework : Helene – A visit to Nimbin, Roberta – Birdsong, Jenni – Lunch at the Rocks, Terry – A Ladies Glove  Part 4 of his train story,

Exercise – no matter what hire a hubby

The writers had fun with the topic to create: Jenni – We are all mad here, Terry – No matter what, Helene – Clean the bathroom, Lynn – Does he come with a stubby, Muriel – Ideal bed warmer, Pat – Stolen opportunity and Roberta – He was no good.

Exercise – Second hand coffin for sale

More fun and laughter with this topic: Roberta – A long time ago, Jenni – Never seen a burial, Terry – In the corner, Helene – Lingerie storage, Lynn – Surplus to need, Muriel –Give E Bay a go and Pat – A spare coffin.


Pick an annoying ad or a favourite TV program and rewrite it or another topic that stimulates your creativity

02 July 2017

Southern Highlands Writers Festival & Editing Workshop 18 July 2017

28 June 2017

Record of meeting 28 June 2017

The writers
Terry, Pauline, Helene, Jenni, Elizabeth and welcome Roberta

Words of the day

Epoch – a point in time
Extemporaneous – unrehearsed

Gesticulate – gesture dramatically

Flounce – fling of the body, a ruffle

Coruscate – of light, flash or sparkle
Snuffle – breathe noisily through a partially blocked nose

Writing from words of the day
Pauline – In the early morning air, Roberta – The manikins, Jenni – The Flamenco dancer, Terry – All night long, Helene  - The snake and Elizabeth – Revealing the tops of your legs.

Reading of homework
Six writers created homework as follows:  Pauline – A bath when necessary, Jenni – Very little to write this week, Terry – The initials EW, Elizabeth – Tommy the pony, Roberta – Hungry, cold and lonely and Juan – Hot air (read by Terry).

Exercise – The meteor
The writers created a character and wrote stories including a description of the character and a meteor.  Jenni – My idol, Roberta – I saw a meteor, Pauline – Hollywood here I come, Elizabeth – I can’t lie, Helene – I hate crowds and Terry – The nutty professor.

Exercise - I see, I hear, I smell, I touch/ feel, I taste

The writers motivated by the exercise created the following stories: Helene – Chocolate, Elizabeth – A well groomed man and licorice, Pauline – Light and darkness, Roberta – A bottle, Jenni – Sunny sky & water and Terry – Through my minds eyes.

The music was loud or any other topic that stimulates your creativity

21 June 2017

Record of meeting 21 June 2017

The writers 

Helene, Cath, Terry, Jenni, Pat

Words of the day

Burke – stifled

Guile – cunning skilful deceit

Foreshadow – warning or indication of

Inorganic – not arising from natural growth

Sanguine – blood red, confident, expecting things to go well, habitually hopeful

Writing from words of the day

The writers were not stifled and foreshadowed the future in writing; Helene - In our small city, Cath - The new plan, Pat - Cold fusion, Jenni – the plot and Terry – Ideas to get.

Reading of homework

Jenni – like Basil Faulty, Terry – Chapter 2 The gold fountain pen, Helene – My brain talks to me and Pat – Inner critic.

Exercise - In the cemetery

Cath – the name on the grave, Helene – in the grave, Terry – Rookwood cemetery, Jenni – My brother and I and Pat – I laughed.

Exercise - He always has a bone to pick

Helene – Chickens picking, Cath – The butcher, Pat – The Palaeontologist, Jenni – Picking on others and Terry – Not good enough.


Goodness gracious me or whatever inspires you

14 June 2017

Record of meeting 14 June 2017  

Cooma park

The writers

Helene, Pauline, Cath, Terry, Pat, Lynn, Jenny and welcome to Derrick our new on-line member in Cooma.

Words of the day

Belligerent – warlike

Relinquish – give up

Gauche – awkward

Connive – to do something

Abysm- bottomless, unfathomable

Enmity – hostility, hate, antagonism

Supercilious – full of contempt and arrogance

Writing from words of the day
The writers grabbed our negative words and battled to produce the following stories; Pat – I would like, Lynne – a world of hate, Jenny – growing up, Cath – Comeuppance, Terry – Eating gruel, Helene – Donald Trump and Pauline – Pay TV.

Reading of homework
Six of our writers produced great stories; Helene – Catch a falling star, Pauline – School days, Pat – It started as a joke, Jenny – Love dilemma, Terry – train travel and Derrick – Sir Balin and maidens in distress read by Terry.

Exercise 1 - The secret belly dancer or the tooth fairy
This topic created a great deal of fun in the stories: Jenny – Baby swaps, Lynn – Filthy teeth, Pat – Conditions of service, Pauline – Dear Easter Bunny, Helene – The price of friendship and Terry – Deep glasses.

Exercise 2 - On the road again
This musical theme encouraged some singing and the following stories: Pauline – The bench seat, Pat – I love travel, Lynn – The ribbon of grey, Jenny – In July, Terry – Learning to swear and Helene – The smell of warm bread.

What does your inner critic say?

Or any other topic that inspires you.