17 January 2018

Record of meeting 17 January 2018

Our first meeting for 2018 held at the relaxing and beautiful Vincentia Golf Club was a success
The writers
Terry, Helene, Pat, Pauline, Cath, Juan and welcome back Jo

The words of the day
Exacerbate – intensify or worsen

Hyperbole - obvious exaggeration
Dissolve – melt, to break up, put an end to

Analects – collection of literary fragments
Quota - limited or fixed number of things

Hypodermic – introduction of medical treatment under the skin

Writing from words of the day
An excellent start to the year with writing on the topics of Relief, Mistaken impressions, Moving on, A tie stained with sauce, Difficult and Truth serum.

Reading of homework topic Christmas
Four writers read homework about Christmas past, Sticky rice and Milo, Shiver, shake and pixilate and Is it me?

How not to get published – Claire Gillman
Pat borrowed the above book from the Nowra Library. It contains information about the common mistakes made in manuscripts by novice writers.

We had a discussion on publishing and related issues. Juan brought a copy of the publication he arranged “Shoalhaven Young Writers Award 2016 - An Anthology” and talked about his experiences in publishing the Anthology.

Exercise – Bald ballerina
The writers developed a list of ten words associated with the word Bald. We then selected six of those words to write a story about a ballerina starting with “I was backstage”

The writer’s pirouetted around the ballerina exercise and wrote on the topics - Freedom, Cookamidgera, Legs were my passion, Glimpsing Pavlova, Uncle Fester, Family story and Hard to watch.

Possessed by an idea to write or you have written something that comes to life.

24 December 2017

Garry Homes "I still call Australia home"

Garry Holmes writing group member in Malaysia and Thailand singing "I still call Australia home" sends his Christmas and New Year wishes for 2017- 18.

20 December 2017

Record of meeting 20 December 2017

The writers

Terry, Helene, Pat, Pauline, Jenni
New location from 17 January 2018
Terry announced that we will start our new writing year at the Vincentia Golf Club at 1 pm on Wednesday 17 January 2018.

The words of the day
Bagatelle – a trifle

Judicature – a body of judges
Pegamold – imitation leather

Experiential – experience and observation
Beetling – of a rock or a person’s eyebrows overhanging

Writing from words of the day
After tidy up the bagatelle of the writing group, the writers used the words of the day and wrote about – An inheritance, The Chinese tourist, Annoyance, I love a good trifle and The animal lover.

Reading of homework
Four writers read out their homework on the topics - In this room – a great poem about former characters of the writing group, Drifting in the ocean – a nightmare, Jehovah’s witnesses at the door and Blue eyes.

A suggestion from Pat
Use the topic of travel for our proposed anthology.

Exercise – I don’t care what the tape said – I didn’t say it
Jenni selected the topic then the writers wrote about - Rap music on the I phone, I never done it, It wasn’t what I meant, Trying to frame me and Coopers let them go.


17 December 2017

meeting Dec 13th 2017

Trevor, Jenny, Pat, Terry

Terry read out a letter proposed to be sent on to the St. Georges Basin Uniting Church advising of our intention to move on rather than continue under the new charter they had proposed. Everyone present was in favour of what was incorporated in the letter and it will be sent to the church Minister.

Terry had also been in contact with the Country Club (Luke Hodges) re a meeting room. He advised that 2018 will be difficult due to upcoming major renovations but that Vincentia Golf Club is pretty quiet on Wed afternoons and this could work.
He was to talk with their Manager and confirm with me.
It was also agreed that we would return for our first 2018 meeting on 17th January.

iconify...to reduce to an icon
high...several meanings
incogitant...thoughtless, inconsiderate
zouk...exuberant style of popular music (caribbean)
takeaway...not much to say here
denarius...Roman coin of value of 10 asses (not arses)

Lots (4) uses of these words in our inimitable style

Homework read by Pat.

Following afternoon tea we had a general discussion regarding what, and how, we want the group to function in 2018.
In essence we agreed that we need objectives.
To that end it is proposed:
a)  we all have a major project to work on in 2018
b) to put another anthology together
c) all of us to actively contribute to the running of the meeting and exercises etc. following afternoon tea.

We agreed to think more about this over the Christmas break

"There was a knock at the door..."

15 December 2017

Christmas lunch Friday 8 December 2017

The writers

Cath, Helene, Trevor, Elizabeth, Jenni, Pat, Pauline, Terry

The eight cheerful writers enjoyed lunch and desert together at the Pelican Restaurant in St Georges Basin.

Words of the day

Merry Christmas and Happy New year


Attend meetings on 13 and 20 December

Enjoy Christmas and New Year

Check the blog early for exciting news in 2018

06 December 2017

Record of meeting 6 December 2017

The writers
Terry, Helene, Lynn, Elizabeth, Pat

Christmas lunch 
All members are invited to our Christmas lunch from 12.15 pm on Friday 8 December at the Pelican Restaurant. Please let Helene know if you will be attending

The words of the day
Malign – speak ill

Aggravate – make worse
Ozone – condensed form of Oxygen

Atonic – an unaccented word or syllable, voiceless
Scrounge – to obtain with no intention of repayment

Writing from words of the day
The writers did not malign others or scrounge when writing about Smokers, His friend, Asthma, My girls and O words.

Reading of homework
Five writers read out their homework on the topics - My mother, She drinks therefore she is, When I was young, She thinks and How can they say.

Exercise – a quote and other inspirations
The writers used their creativity to write stories about - It was alright for George, Best of friends, The music of the band, Scarlet O’Hara and Gone Global.

The Lions of the Menin Gates – returning a gift

29 November 2017

Record of meeting 29 November 2017

The writers

Terry, Cath, Helene, Lynn, Pat, Jenni, Elizabeth, Trevor

The group discussed the Charter proposed by the Church. More time will be required to address this challenging issue.

Christmas celebration
All members are invited to our Christmas lunch from 12.15 pm on Friday 8 December at the Pelican Restaurant. Please let Helene know if you will be attending

The words of the day
Punctilious – fussy

Pelf – ill gotten gains
Abhorrent – detestable, repugnant

Deconstruct – dissect, break down
Legal-aid – legal advice for free

Hallucinate –seeing something not actually present
Orogeny – process of upheaval

Writing from words of the day
The punctilious writers constructed abhorrent stories on the topics - Stories about himself, Man in black, Going to court, Back to earth, Crawling spiders, Down the drain and Difficult people.

Reading of homework

Three inspired writers read their homework on the topics -
The force, Booderee National Park and Pigeon House Mountain

Discussion on current social issues

She drinks